Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Look Who's Walking!

Keeley decided really early that she was a biggie girl and wanted to walk. She started taking steps when she was six or seven months old, and by nine months she could walk clear across the house, stop, and change directions.
Now at ten months, she is really steady and has finally figured out she doesn't need to be holding on to something to stand up. These days she rarely crawls.
This was her yesterday, walking to her big sister. It's kind of fun to watch her learning and growing so fast, but kind of sad at the same time.
Another thing Keeley has started doing is giving kisses if you ask, which I love. She also likes to blow raspberries with her lips all the time, and this morning she fell on Finley's leg and immediately blew on her leg. We have all noticed that Finley likes to roll KeeKee onto her back and blow and blow on her tummy. We've also noticed that Keeley must like it, because she will lay there and let Finley do it for quite a while.
Right now as I type this, she is squirming around on my lap and is quite excited by the pictures of herself. She insists on climbing onto the desk and grabbing at that cute grinning baby above. And she wants to help me out by pounding on the keyboard as well. So cute!

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Jolynn said...

Kee Kee is a handful!!! But she's so darn cute she makes up for it.