Sunday, December 8, 2013

Just a typical Sunday

We get to see this goofy grin a lot, and I love it!
 I'm not sure exactly what went on here, but somehow everybody ended up piled on top of Isaac.
 Then the kids stood on daddy's hands.
 Keeley quickly caught on and loved it!
Finley was pretty good at it.
And then Keely line jumped and got on again.
 So proud.
 Isaac had a turn.

 Kind of amazing that Daddy can still lift his 4th grader up in the air.
Finley is so adorable!
 And more of Keeley.
 Love that little girl!
I always loved standing on my dad's hands as a kid--it is fun to watch my kids doing the same thing.

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Jolynn said...

I'm glad to see that Keith is carrying on Dad's tradition! That was always a fun time at our house when you kids would take turns standing on Dad's hands. And it looks like your kids love it too! But Isaac doesn't look too happy when everyone is piled on him!