Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cute Sisters

Finley and Keeley have a lot of fun together. Finney is such a good big sister and always tries to help Keeley. They were so cute riding this car together!
 I just love their cute smiles!
 And, of course, if you ask Keeley to smile pretty, this is what she does! So silly.


Lexi said...

Cute girls! I like Keeley's pretty smile. Fin is a nice big sissie.

cassidy said...

I love KeeKee's pretty smile! I wondered what Ivy would do if I asked her to smile pretty and she put her hand on her mouth. Wah.

It's sweet that Finley is such a good big sissie. These pictures are so cute!

Jolynn said...

I love how Finnie takes care of Kee Kee. She is such a sweet little girl (most of the time! Haha) I hope Keeley never quits doing her "pretty smile". I love it!