Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Kids on the Block

Okay, so today during my drive to Scottsdale for my bi-weekly hospital visit, Radio Disney played a new song by an old group. It was called SummerTime by NKOTB! I had heard they were touring and coming out with a couple of new songs, which I thought was exciting news. :)

Now back in the day, I was a pretty huge New Kids fan, I have to admit. I was one of those girls who had their posters plastered all over my bedroom wall, and I screamed and squealed with excitement the first time I watched their Hangin' Tough movie. I spent my allowance money buying Bop, Wow, and Tiger Beat magazines to cut out their pictures, and I am certain that if I had ever made it to one of their concerts, I would have burst into tears.

Truly, I think the fact that I never got to see them live in concert is one of the travesties of my life--a thing which I have hoped to correct by seeing them on their 2008 concert tour. They will be at the Glendale arena on Monday October 13th! Sadly, Keith is not that interested in attending with me. Are you?? We could have an awesome girl's night out!! So if you're a closet New Kids fan, let me know!

I thought I would post a couple photos of myself during my New Kids phase, but my seventh grade year seems to have gone largely undocumented. Unfortunately, I am not savvy enough to post the pictures I did find, but rest assured that my hair was big and pretty silly looking.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...but if Roger Waters or David Gilmour came through town??

hillari said...

Yeah, Keith would be all over that one.

Phil and Stacie said...

Hey Hillari! I just saw a comment from you on another blog and was excited to see you have a blog! I'll link you on mine(, if that's ok, so I can keep up on your cute family!

Brandi Jo said...

That is great! I would totally go with you! I heard they were coming back too... I was happy! I had a New Kids shirt... same thing with the magz! :-) The funny things we did when we were little. Keep me posted!

lexi said...

just this morning i saw the music video on tv to their new song! it made me think of you.

V Conger said...

Sorry, not a fan!


How funny!! I posted about the same thing last January because Madison went to Hannah Montana and I was a bit jealous because I never got to go to a New Kids concert. I just heard "The Right Stuff" on Radio Disney last night and what is funny is I still remembered most the words... Madison thought I was nuts!

Oh yes, I had HUGE bangs back in my New Kids phase too. Fun post!