Monday, June 29, 2009

Deep in the heart, of Texas

Day two:
We started the day off with a tour at the Austin City Limits studio. It's located in the PBS building, and throughout the years they have had tons of awesome concerts on their show. While I have never actually seen one on TV, I nevertheless purchased a cool Austin City Limits T-shirt.

We had fun singing onstage.

Right after our guide got through explaining their money woes and how tight they are, Sareny broke a piece of stage equipment. I was pretty embarrassed.
After singing our hearts out, we headed to Zilker park for some lunch and swimming.
It was a little slimy, since this was a natural pool type of thing, but we had fun. It wasn't as nasty as this picture makes it look.

It was a huge pool with a diving board and everything.

After swimming for a while, we hurried out to ride the train that circles the park. We had to go out a gate and across a parking lot to purchase the train tickets, and while I was standing in line for our tickets, we suddenly realized that Isaac was not with us. I scanned the crowd and quickly realized he was not close by. Panic.
We split up and searched for him. I was checking the parking lot (still in my swimming suit, mind you) and picturing myself on the evening news in said swimming suit:
"A family vacation has turned tragic for this mother of three..."
I just kept picturing someone grabbing him and driving off with my little boy.
Fortunately, Bampa found him back in the pool area by the tree we had sat under for a while. Thanks goodness a lifeguard had noticed him and kept an eye on him. Apparently he refused to go with the lifeguard. Once again, I was a little sad that Isaac wasn't crying or too upset--a little fear might be a good thing for him!!

We made it back to the trains just in time for the ride, which actually lasts 25 minutes. It was the best park train ride I've ever been on, with some beautiful scenery to enjoy.
After the train we sat and enjoyed some shaved ice. Sareny had grape, I had cherry, and Isaac had Blue Hawaii. I don't know what was in Isaac's, but it was delicious!
Finley was a trooper hanging out in her carseat so much.
We ended the evening with some Greek food back near Holli and John's. Sareny told me she wanted chicken and didn't seem to remember what gyros were, but I knew from past experience that she likes gyros, so I ordered a combo plate for her. She ended up eating the gyros and not the chicken, and told me that next time if she doesn't remember that she likes gyros to order them for her anyway. A little confirmation that moms do know best.


lexi said...

that pool/park sounds really cool. looks like you had fun swimming. i like the picture of you guys in your swimming suits riding the train. haha. cute pictures.

cassidy said...

Weren't you guys barrassed to ride the train in your swimsuits? Or were lots of peeps still in their swimsuits? That park sounds really fun for the kids. I can't believe how often you guys almost lost Isaac on this trip, and how un-scared he was! Cute picture of Finney at the end of the post!

hillari said...

Well, we weren't the only ones in our swimming suits, and it actually felt quite normal. Their city theme is "Keep Austin Weird," after all. Just doing our part.

Jolynn said...

I love that picture of Finney! She is the cutest little girl! I forgot we were all in our swimsuits for the train pics, so thanks for not including one of me after all!!

Meghan said...

a. shaved ice is the b.e.s.t.
b. i can't believe yousat in that weird guk. i mean, i will do a lot but....

holli jo said...

Except for losing Isaac and Johnny being sick in his bed all day, this was a really fun day. I can't decide which day was my favorite! We did so many fun things. Thanks for posting the pics.