Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep Austin Weird

Day 3
Our morning started out in typical fashion--Texas shaped waffles at the hotel's continental breakfast.
Texans sure do have a lot of pride in their state. But after our amazing time there, I'm beginning to see why.
After breakfast, we headed to Innerspace Caverns, a nearby live cave that was discovered in the 60's when they were drilling for a freeway project. They kept losing drills, so they sent a crew down to investigate and found a beautiful cave.
My pictures really don't begin to do it justice.
Since strollers weren't permitted, I carried Fin in my sling and Holli Jo carried Rhys in her wrap thing.
Thank goodness for Grammy Jo and Bampa, who helped Sareny and Isaac through the slippery parts. And who are we kidding, I think Bampa had to carry Isaac through most of the cave.

We enjoyed a little picnic lunch outside the cave (in some pretty hot and humid weather) and then we headed back to downtown Austin to the Natural History Museum. Sadly, nobody took any pictures there, but it was a pretty cool museum with Dinosaur bones, rocks, bugs, and lots of other cool things. Best of all, it was free!
Later, Holli and John went on a date and we took Rhys back to the hotel with us. We went for a swim in the hotel pool and then somehow managed to get all four kids settled down to sleep. No easy task when you are all in one hotel room. I should also mention, although Finley was in a crib and we made Isaac a bed on the floor, he climbed into my bed every single night and Finley still wakes up several times a night needing me, so it was not uncommon for me and all three kids to be crammed into a double bed. When we got back to Phoenix, my king-sized bed had never looked so good!


Jolynn said...

Yeah, that first morning when I looked over at you and you had all three kids lined up in the bed with you I should have taken a picture. Those beds were super small. I was glad to see my king sized bed also. Guess we are spoiled.

lexi said...

cool texas waffles. i wish i could have come with you guys on this trip. it sounds like you did lots of cool stuff.

Meghan said...

bless you. my worst thing ever is sharing a bed. ty is lucky he gets to sleep in MY bed most of the time. you are a patient mama to share the whole time. looks like you had an adventurous week!

cassidy said...

The caves look pretty cool! It sounds like there is a lot to do in Austin. I'm sad you don't have a picture of you and all the kids in that tiny bed! How funny.

Vicki said...

Cool cave! That looks fun!