Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Went Bowling

Sareny's spring breark started on Friday, March 12th, which was Keith's flex day. We decided to go bowling as a family, and we had a lot of fun.
Finley quickly got the hang of bowling, and wanted to pick up her own ball...
and carry it over to the lane.
I love these ramp things! Even Finely could do it on her own, and she thought that was so cool!
Isaac was ready to go.

Apparently a Southpaw roller -bowler.
So proud!
Sareny remembered dropping the ball on her finger last time we went bowling, but fortunately she got over that quickly and had a lot of fun.
Yay me!

I love spending time together as a family. I remember doing lots of fun things with my own family as a child, and I think these are the memories children will treasure as they get older.


cassidy said...

You guys are always doing fun stuff as a family. What a fun way to spend a Friday. Those ramp things are cool. What a good idea for kids.

Mandy said...

that does look fun and were on earth did you find such a clean bowling alley?

lexi said...

what a fun day of bowling. i like that all of the kids can do it without help. i like your pictures too.

Jolynn said...

I'm surprised Finney didn't drop that bowling ball on her foot and break it or something though! It does look like lots of fun, especially since the kids can actually do it themselves. We'll have to do that sometime when we come to visit.