Friday, April 29, 2011

Later that same day...

Sareny's birthday was on a Wednesday, which is early outs day, so as usual, we headed to the park after school. I did a little photo shoot of the girls in their adorable dresses. (then I made them change into something else before playing--if you've seen my kids on park day, you would know why.)
My cute girls in their cute dresses.
I think Fin was trying to copy Sareny's pose...
After the park, we hurried to meet Keith at Chick Fil-A, where the school was hosting a fundraiser. It was really fun, and Sareny was lucky enough to be one of five chosen to compete in the chicken nugget eating contest! That helped make her birthday even more special. She was competing against a teacher, the principal, an older brother of one of her classmates, and another older boy. She was by far the youngest, and the only girl in the competition.
They were each given a box of six chicken nuggets, and whoever ate them all first won. They were instructed to dump the nuggets out on their tray.
She was having so much fun and couldn't stop smiling.
Then they were told they had to eat their nuggets without using their hands.
She thought that sounded pretty funny.
She went to work on those nuggets...
All the young kids were cheering for her.
She didn't win (and frankly, I would have been shocked if she had,) but she had a lot of fun and did a good job, especially considering that she had already eaten her meal!
When she got home, a new Barbie house was waiting in her room. Seriously, could a birthday get any better than this?


lexi said...

the girls are so cute in their dresses from grandma nancy! good thing you made them change to play. how fun that sareny was in an eating contest. im glad she enjoyed her birthday!

Jolynn said...

Wow! What a birthday. You didn't tell us about the nugget eating contest. How fun for her (especially since she really wanted to have her birthday dinner at Texas Road House) I love those cute dresses Grandma Nancy made. She is so talented. And the Barbie Dream House is the crowning jewel of the day! If Isaac quits climbing on it, it should last a long time!

cassidy said...

Cute photo shoot with the dresses! I like that Fin copied Sareny's pose. And the Barbie Dream House is awesome! What a lucky birthday girl.