Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Bit of Randomness

Normally if Finley disappears for a few moments, it means big messes, big trouble, and lots of cleaning on my part. This time when I went to see what she was getting into, I found a cute little tea party.

One Sunday when the end credits started rolling on the movie with a catchy song playing, Sareny and Isaac jumped up and started walzing around the room.
I made some cute hairbows. (Except for the purple felt one--if you're reading this, Amy, yes, that is yours. oops)
In February, we went to the neighborhood park for a little picnic. While the kids ate and played, I started my first day of my new running program around the little cul-de-sac. That first day of running was perhaps the most difficult and brutal, despite being short distances.
And the last item in this ecclectic bunch of thoughts and pictures is from the camping trip we took during Sareny's spring break. We camped about 10 minutes from our home, and had a great time.
I loved all the little parks right at the campground.
That's all the pictures I took at the campground, but we had a fabulous time with our friends the Johnstons. The next morning, we stopped at the nature center before heading home.
And I just liked this parting shot of the kids racing to the van.


lexi said...

fin set up quite the tea party! she is so cute to do that all on her own. your camping trip sounds fun, and its pretty cool how close it is to your house.

bethany said...

love the tea party-such a girl thing!! the hairbows are so cute. I keep meaning to make some more for Storey. Maybe I'll copy some of your ideas :)

cassidy said...

That is SO cute that Fin set up that little tea party! What a goody girl. The camping sounds fun. We haven't gone in such a long time. I'm glad you guys have campgrounds close by.

debra g said...

Hmmmm.... that looks like the nature center at the White Tanks.
Looks like fun!!!