Sunday, October 28, 2012

A trip to Grammy Jo's part 4

I've been wanting to visit this grove of trees for quite a while, so while we were in town, I called up my good friend Christina (who's parents own the trees) and we met up with her and visited in the trees.
Sareny and Lexi came with me and we took some pictures.
I loved playing around and exploring in these trees as a kid. In the center of the trees is a clearing and there used to be a swing set. It was just such a cool place.
Me and Christina. We had some crazy times in high school! Even though I am 3 years younger and she was probably more of my sister's friend, we all had lots of fun together and they always included me in things. We grew up in the same ward and went to girl's camp together, obsessed over the tv show Young Riders together, and shared things like crushes and high school awkwardness together. It is always nice when we get a chance to catch up!
Unfortunately, someone brilliant decided to unleash in the valley a hoard of insects that kill this specific type of tree, so all of the trees like this in the area are dieing. And yes, it was deliberate and apparently sanctioned by someone who gets to make these types of decisions. I'm not sure what genius decided that killing any tree that adapts well in the desert was a good idea, but s/he deserves... well, I probably shouldn't say here what I think they deserve. But it makes me angry!
So farewell to a cool grove of trees.
One day we went swimming at the Logandale pool. Sareny and Isaac both tried diving off of the diving board, although they weren't very good at it. Me and Lexi both tried it as well, and both experienced some wardrobe malfunctions...apparently diving requires better suits.
Finley decided to style Isaac's hair. He was a pretty good sport about it.
Although his face here tells what he really thought about it.
All babies must have a bath in Grammy Jo's sink.
It took Keeley a moment to decide what she thought of it, but then she was rather chill.
I do like this picture of us. She is a sweetie!


lexi said...

look how little that keeley girl is! i cant believe it. and it was so fun to hang out in the trees with christina. and our diving experience haha! overall just a fun trip.

Jolynn said...

Keeley kind of looks like a toy doll in the sink pictures! And that pic of Isaac with the bored expression is priceless! It was totally fun having you here for that fun time.

cassidy said...

I wish I could have seen the trees in their prime. That sounds like something I would have loved as a kid. And I forgot about you guys and Young Riders! Hee hee.

I love the pics of Keeley taking a bath. That one photo really does kind of make her look like a doll! She's so super cute. I hope I can see her soon!