Thursday, November 1, 2012

A trip to Grammy Jo's part 5

One day, we pulled out the slip n slide and had some fun in the water.

Sareny tried it out.
Isaac gave it a go.
Finley gave it a whirl.
Lexi found out it's not so great to be the best at slip n slide. She was so good, she went straight off the end and her legs got scratched to pieces by the grass. Ow!
Lexi and Sareny tried going at the same time. It didn't actually work out so well, and they had to try and scootch themselves down. Bampa said they looked like a couple of walrus's.

Truth be told, I had a go on the slip n slide as well, but there will be no pictographic evidence of such forthcoming...
Bampa was the hose sprayer, and Grammy Jo was the baby holder.
We set up this little pool right next to the slip n slide for the kids to splash around in.

I love this little snuggle bug! And since Keeley is six months old now as I am typing this, I am totally missing when she would just lounge on you and hold your arm. Lately she has been squirming and worming and arching around; she practically leaps right out of your arms. Don't let this decieve you into thinking that she wants to get down on the floor and play, because she doesn't. She just wants you to develop some really strong arm muscles while she maneuvers her body every which way. But back to this post, when she was still so tiny and less than two months old...
So sweet! This is one of my favorite little dresses she had in the 0-3 month size.
A group shot in the pool.
On our last morning, we went down to the high school to say bye to Grammy at work. They redid the gym and office somewhat recently, and I can't believe how amazing they look! Who would guess this is the lobby to the gym??
The kids at the victory bell.
Sareny reaching the bell.
Seriously, how cool does this gym look? When I went here, it was very plain and utilitarian.
Finley balances some chips on her head.
Sareny was excited to see the cheer display...
Keeley in Grammy's office, wearing the little strawberry outfit Grammy Jo had given to Finley when she was a baby.
While we were there, they put me to work.

And all the kids saying goodbye to their Grammy Jo. We had such a fun visit!


Jolynn said...

You need to come and visit again! That was so fun. And Keeley has grown so much since then! Love those cute little kiddos.

cassidy said...

What a fun trip! You guys did a ton of fun stuff while you were at Grammy's! Did you ever have any down time?

But on to the gym...I can't believe they covered up that mural! I LOVED that! I know that it was kind of old-school, but I loved it. :(