Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A trip to Grammy's part 1

We went to Grammy Jo's house back in June. On the way there, we stopped at Burger King for lunch and some play time.

Grammy had Lexi and Cass's old bedroom ripped up in preparation for her new craft room, and lots of random items were lieing about. Like these cute Hawaiian grass skirts of me and Holl Jo's. The girls had fun dressing up in them and doing a little hula for us.
We decided to have a tea party one day, and we all had to dress up in Grammy Jo's finest.
I kind of can't believe the adults had to get in costume too...but it was fun.
Keeley started out in the swing that we borrowed from someone for the weekend.
Cute girls sipping their tea. Or fruit punch. :) Me in the background making more little sandwiches, which were a big hit.
Isaac, me, Lexi.
Sareny, Finley, Grammy.
Bampa started out enjoying the festivities with us, sans dress up items, but he ended up like this. And now I am going to have to end this post, because blogger is not letting me upload any more pictures. But it was a fun morning, and as soon as the tea party was over, we headed in to Las Vegas for more fun.


lexi said...

i knew you could do it!!! you bloggeroonioed! this was such a fun trip to grammy and bamps house. and i can totally believe the adults had to dress up for the tea party, because i think i might have started it haha!

Jolynn said...

But you forgot to mention that we ran out of cute vintage hats and that's why I had to wear that dorky looking gardening hat!!! I am already prepared for our next tea party! I bought more vintage hats. (and some cool gloves!)