Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keeley River's Blessing Day

Keeley was blessed on June 3rd by her dad. We were glad that Grammy Jo, Bampa, and Grandma Nancy were able to be here for such a special day. We got to church early to take some pictures, which is no small feat when you consider we normally have to leave our house by 8:00 to get to church on time. Grandma Nancy had made beautiful white dresses for all three girls to wear, and Keeley's dress was so gorgeous.
Unfortunately, Keeley wasn't being terribly cooperative for the photo shoot. She was wide awake and required some vigorous jouncing to calm her down in between photos.
After an adorable picture of the other kids, we headed in to church.

At my insistance, we returned during sunday school to try again with the pictures, and I think we got some great ones.
Our family.
The whole group. It was such a great day for our family.

Tia lexi with her fave kids. ;)
Grandparents Keel with the grandkids.
Grandma Nancy with the grandkids.
Sareny wanted to hold her baby sis. She is really such a big help with Keeley and loves her so much.
Not my favorite picture, but me with my precious little girl.
Keely River in the dress made by Grandma Nancy, and the blankie made by Grammy Jo.


debra g said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day! And you look HOT Hil!!! Beautiful family :)

cassidy said...

I can't believe how great you look so soon after having a baby! Are you wearing Spanx or something? I got some Spanx for after I have this baby...I hope it helps!

Anyways, I love all the photos. Keeley's dress is so pretty and the crocheted blanket is really cute too. You got some really good pics of such a special day!

Jolynn said...

Well I got a new monitor for my computer which is really wide, but not tall, and we all look super fat and distorted so I hope we all look better than we do on there! I'm so glad we could be there for Keeley's blessing. Grandma Nancy is so amazing with her sewing skills. Keeley's dress was gorgeous, as well as Finley's and Sareny's. We had a fun time, as always.

holli jo said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad everything went well. Keeley's dress and blanket look awesome!