Thursday, January 16, 2014

Camping at Lake Pleasant

I had surgery at the end of September, and several weeks later, before I was completely recovered, some friends invited us to go camping with them. I had to convince Keith that I was well enough to go, but I really wanted to get out of the house and it sounded like a fun trip, so we went. I had lifting restrictions, so Keith had to do most of the packing and setting up of our tent and stuff. :)
Now apparently I am just not smart, because even though we were camping at Lake Pleasant, I did not realize this meant swimming and water skiing. I mean, it was cold! So we were the only family that didn't pack swimming suits for the kids. I sure felt bad. So they just jumped in with their clothes on. The water was so freezing, and the adults wisely stayed out.
 After we packed up our campsite, we went over to a beach and the Wray's took people out in groups on their boat.
 Finley and Alora collected seashells.
Keeley went for a boat ride.
Isaac wanted to try skiing--he made a good attempt, but wasn't able to get up.
Here is the front of our boat.
After trying the ski's, they brought out a knee board thing, and Isaac had lots of fun riding it.
 He didn't go up on his knees, just stayed on his tummy and held on.
Then Sareny wanted to try water skiing.
She made a few good attempts, but she didn't get up either.
 Then she tried the knee board.
 She did great, and moved to her knees.
She held on and looked like she was having lots of fun.
 They both loved the knee board thing!
 The spectators again.
 Finley didn't want to try the knee board.
 But Sareny got another turn and loved it.
She made this face when she was concentrating.
 A happy girl!

 Then Isaac got another turn too.

Days like this made me kind of want a boat. But that would make me the only adult in our family that thinks it would be fun. Although, 5 against 1, right? Still, isn't going to happen. Maybe we'll get invited to the lake again sometime. And a final picture of Keeley waving goodbye.

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Jolynn said...

Well that makes me wish our boat was still running! It is super fun to go boating. It looks like you guys had a great time. That knee board would be so fun for kids! I'm glad they liked it.