Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas in Spokane Finale--Sledding

The day after Christmas we headed up Mt. Spokane to see some snow and go sledding. Isaac "got to" stay home with Daddy, since we were worried about his breathing. The rest of us had a blast!

Actually, Finley wasn't too crazy about sledding. As long as we weren't sitting her on or near a sled, she was pretty happy.

Grandpa took each of the grandkids down the hill with him.
Sareny loved it! Grandpa told her she went the farthest and fastest down the hill, and she was pretty proud about that.

I'm pretty sure this was Maira and Marcela's first time sledding.

Sareny loved it and never wanted to leave!

I tried hauling Finley up on the back of a sled, and she did not like it.

We had a lot of fun playing in the snow. We left Spokane a couple days later and did the drive to Overton in one day. We were sad to be leaving and had enjoyed such a wonderful time with family. The good news--we get to see some of them in four days at Disneyland! We're so excited.


Jolynn said...

Cute Pics. Looks so fun (and cold!) Sareny looks so beautiful with her rosey cheeks! She looks picture perfect! Poor Isaac. Was he so sad that he missed it? And is Finney licking her runny nose in that last picture? Probably..........

cassidy said...

How fun! It's too bad Isaac couldn't go and also that Finney didn't like actually sledding. It seems like Sareny had a blast though. But it does look really cold!

lexi said...

i hate that you are going to disneyland. looks you all had fun sledding though. well except for fin. i miss those kids.