Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gingerbread houses

We like to make little gingerbread houses every year at Christmas time, and this year we were able to invite some new friends over for the event. Sareny's best friend is a little girl named Lisa from her class, and luckily, Lisa's family lives a few streets away from us. That's pretty fortunate when you consider that it takes me about 20 minutes to drive to her school. This year, Daddy helped Isaac make a house, and I helped Sareny. Finley wasn't too concerned that she wasn't making a house, she just wanted to eat much candy as she possibly could.

All of the kids together with their finished projects.
Lisa, Mia, and Brianna.

Isaac, Princess Finney, and Sareny.

We had a great time with Lisa's family and are so glad that Sareny has made such a great friend at school.


Gina said...

Looks like they had lots of fun and the houses turned out so good.

Jolynn said...

Did Lisa's parents come too? I'm assuming they did. That's such a fun tradition. How come we didn't do it this year? Do we have too many kids running around now? I'm glad you were able to invite some new friends over though.

Vicki said...

You're such a fun mom! Some years I do a gingerbread house, but this year I didn't. The houses turned out very cute!

lexi said...

i didn't get to make a gingerbread house this year. and princess fin with her tiara... so cute!