Monday, January 18, 2010

Decorate the tree, hang some ornaments, come help me!

We put our Christmas tree up just after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas ornaments, and it seems I have passed that love on to my children. They each have their own box that holds their own special ornaments, and they are so excited each year to bring them out.

One of our favorite traditions is that everybody gets a new ornament at the top of their stocking Christmas morning. It is common knowledge that I put the ornaments there after Santa has already come. This year the girls got sparkling tiara's that represented their princess Halloween costumes. I tried to find a knight for Isaac, but couldn't, so he got an abominable snowmonster instead. (In case you're wondering, I got a tiara too, and Keith got a large diamond-y thing. Okay, both of them were really for me.)

Our tree was pretty loaded up with ornaments on the top, and completely bare on the bottom. Those of you with kids will know exactly why.


Jolynn said...

Seeing your Christmas pictures makes me sad that it is over. Your tree is cute with all the ornaments on it, even if the bottom is bear.

lexi said...

fin looks so cute in those pictures of her smiling. i like how keith got the diamond ornament so really you can have it. oh and cute tree!