Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas in Spokane part 1

We spent this past Christmas up in Spokane and had a really great time. We picked Sareny up from school on Friday the 18th and just drove straight through to Spokane, arriving around 2:30 pm the next day. I was completely surprised by how good the kids did, and we were fortunate to have clear roads the whole way.
We had run out of time before leaving Phoenix, and the kids hadn't sat on Santa's lap yet, so we made a trip to the mall in Washington to see the big man himself.

Okay, I wasn't really that impressed with this particular Santa, but at least we got a cute picture. I thought it was pretty cool to have their cousins Katlin and Tyler in the picture with them.
Later on, the kids got to help grandma feed the alpacas and goats.

They were cold, but loved it.

We were so glad that Grandma Nancy got all this cold weather gear at second hand stores for us. She found snow pants, snow boots, and coats for Sareny, Isaac, and Finley. It made playing outside so much more enjoyable.
I love this picture of Finley and her grandma!

I think the only caption for this picture is, "Finley lay there like a slug. It was her only defense." Do you know the movie that came from?

The kids on the farm.

Sadly for us, it didn't really snow the whole time we were there. I had really been hoping to see some nice snow falls, especially for the kids to experience it. But even without snow, we still got a lot of use out of the snow clothes and had a great time.


Jolynn said...

They are so cute all bundled up in their cold weather gear! Did any of them say, "I can't put my arms down!"? That was super good of Keith's Mom to get supplies for you. Love their little rosy cheeks!

cassidy said...

Fun! I loved being a kid who's grandparents lived on farms. It looks like they had lots of fun feeding the animals and being out in the cold weather. Cute Santa picture too!

lexi said...

good thing Nancy got all that winter gear. looks like the kids had fun!