Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas in Spokane part 3--Christmas morning

For me, Keith, and Isaac, Christmas morning started around 3:30 am when Isaac woke up having a severe asthma attack. He was really struggling to breathe, and I felt terrible that I had forgotten to pack his inhaler and nebulizer. Nancy and Verne got up with us and we were able to borrow some medicine for Isaac. After a priesthood blessing, one inhaler treatment and two nebulizer treatments, Isaac was breathing normally again. It was quite a scare though! We were pretty close to calling 911. The ironic thing--after getting home and unpacking, we realized that I had actually packed an inhaler.
After getting a little more sleep after that excitement, everybody was up and ready to see what Santa had brought. Marcela was very proud that she was not the last one up! Somehow, we managed to fit 18 people, plus all of their presents and stockings, in one room. It was quite a crowd, but it was fun. I have never seen so many presents in my life!
My handsome man checking out his stocking.

Daddy helped Finley with her stocking.

Sareny got a new princess clock from Santa. It illumintates the ceiling with stars and wakes her up in the morning with a princess song. It has been a great help on school mornings!

Okay, this is another one of my favorite photos. When I was looking through my pictures, I noticed Isaac trying to blow up this balloon, so I cropped the photo to zoom in on just him. It just makes me chuckle.

It looks like Finley has already been sampling treats from her stocking.

All the girls got a little doll with a wagon from grandma and grandpa.

Isaac loves Transformers and was excited to get this one from Santa.
Keith and I got some nice gifts too. I got a fabulous new camera from my fabulous husband, and a new temple dress and other things from Nancy. Every year, Keith tricks me into thinking he is not spending very much on me and that I should do the same, and then I always end up with a much nicer gift than he does. So Keith got a new electric shaver, which he really needed from me, and a really fun game called Dominion from his mom.
Anyway, we enjoyed a really nice, relaxing Christmas day.


Jolynn said...

Such cute pictures. I love that cross eyed one of Isaac! It looks like every body had a great Christmas morning. What's up with Keith's growing a beard in that one pic? I guess he really did need that shaver! Did I see your fabulous new camera?

cassidy said...

I love the picture of Isaac trying to blow up the balloon! What a cutie. Poor thing with all of his asthma problems over the holidays. Anyways, cute pics - Christmas morning looks like it was fun!

debra g said...

Seriously, why do you look so good? Did you get up and do your hair before everyone woke up? I looked like my great grandma Allen on Christmas morning :).
Looks like it was fun for all.

lexi said...

looks like a fun Christmas. isaac is so funny trying to blow up that balloon. i like sareny's new princess alarm clock!

Vicki said...

I also love the picture of Isaac blowing up the balloon, very cute!!