Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oops--it's a New Year!

I was glancing through our pictures and realized that I somehow missed blogging about New Year's Eve. We spent a quiet night at home with just our family. We put together some Legos.
And some Citiblocks.
Then we toasted the New Year at 10:00 pm.
I love these kiddos!
Last photo of 2010
The next morning, the kids hurried down the stairs to see what Mrs. Santa had brought for them. (she comes on New Year's Eve and brings a book and something else small.)
Unfortunately, Isaac headed right for Fin's bumblebee and never thought his monkey was very cool. Earlier in the week, I had secretly bought a panda bear CuddlePet, not a real PillowPet, and asked Isaac if he wanted to trade, and he did. So he ended up happy and singing, "It's a Cuddler, Its a Pet, It's a Cuddler Pet." 


Kandice and Rob said...

That's a good picture of Sareny eyeballing her glass & licking her lips :)

cassidy said...

Truman has a mini monkey pillow pet. I don't really "get" them, but whatever. But it looks like a fun New Year's! I like that Sareny is wearing her Wendy nightgown. :)

debra g said...

That song always cracks me up. Zane kept singing it around Christmas time--probably because the blasted commercial was on every 3 seconds on qubo. Notice how it's never on anymore. Hmmm....those marketers really know what they are doing.
Mrs. Claus has come to our house a few times, but lately she has forgotten. Naughty Mrs. Claus.

Jolynn said...

Good thing you could save the day with the secret cuddle pet! It's always so hard when someone doesn't like their gift and you feel so bad. And there's always someone who you can tell is not happy, even if they try to hide it, which some don't! Those kiddos are so cute. And celebrating at 10:00!

lexi said...

i like that you celebrated at 10 haha! mrs. claus was nice to the kids this year with the pillow pets.