Monday, May 9, 2011

Fancy Nancy Spectacular Spectales

Last month, Sareny's grade was assigned to do a character book report. They had to come in character and present their book to the class as that character. We tried to think up something Sareny could dress up as that we would already have on hand, and came up with Fancy Nancy.
We got up early that morning so I could curl her hair.
The night before, we worked on these glasses for her. We popped the lenses out of some old sunglasses, then painted them with clear nail polish and sprinkled them with glitter. I thought they turned out really fancy!
And here she is on the way to school. Her teacher said this picture looked like Nicole Kidman on her way to the Oscars. Recently I've had several people tell me she resembles Nicole Kidman...I don't really see it, but since Nicole is beautiful, it can't be bad to be compared to her!
Sareny's teacher, Mrs. Randall, sent me this picture of Sareny with her book. In addition to their book report, the kids also did a parade through part of the school in their costumes. What a clever way to make book reports fun!


lexi said...

sareny is so fancy. i love the glitter glasses. this book report idea sounds really cute.

debra g said...

Our school does it also, but they do it on Halloween, that way all the kids (even those who don't normally dress for Halloween) get a chance to dress up. In theory it's a good idea, but do you think my kids will wear their book report costume as their regular costume? No way! I always end up getting two together. Thanks alot, school!!!

holli jo said...

Clever, and yet time-consuming for the parents! Sareny is very fancy and so cute.

Jolynn said...

That idea turned out really cute. And I see she's wearing the belt we bought! She looks pretty AND fancy. And she DOES look like Nicole Kidman. I'm sure she was in her element all day being so fancy!

Phil and Stacie said...

love it!! Super fancy and fun!! You are such a good mom to enjoy things like this :) These are the projects I dread fitting in our crazy life. Maybe I just have too many kids in school!

cassidy said...

How fun! Sareny looks very fancy and pretty. Her costume turned out very cute.