Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Fine Spring Day

I love spring weather and seeing the beautiful flowers and colors blooming. These palo verde trees are gorgeous and everywhere around here, and I delight in seeing them.
We pulled out the bikes and scooters and the kids had fun riding around our little cul-de-sac. Sareny is sporting her new boots from her Grandma Nancy. She loves boots!
Isaac likes riding his bike.
He likes riding his yellow plasma car more, and I feel kind of bad always making him share it with Finley. But it's the only thing she can ride, so they have to take turns.
I just love this kind of fierce expression Fin does sometimes.
I thought she looked cute in this one too.
I love when they play well together!
Love them!
And then big sissy came and gave them a big push.
This made me feel a little sad, although it was certainly understandable. Sareny decided she was too big for the Disney princess stickers that adorned her bike and so she decided to take them off.
The end of an era. Although I really don't blame her.
Daddy came out to do some yard work, and Isaac pitched in to help.
It was a really nice afternoon together!


Jolynn said...

Looks like a fun day. But Sareny is NOT too old for Disney Princess stickers!! That girl wants to grow up too fast, I say. I want her to stay young and sweet for a long, long time. Before we know it she will be a "tween". She's practically one now.....(in her mind at least!)

lexi said...

i cant believe sareny left those stickers on after she found out the princesses at disneyland aren't real haha. but what a fun day playing outside. the weather looks so nice. it is finally starting to warm up here.

cassidy said...

I love the pictures of Isaac and Fin on the plasma car together. Precious. And I can't beLIEVE Sareny thinks she's too old for princesses! I loved Ariel for a long time, long past her age, I think. I agree with Grammy Jo. She wants to grow up too fast. I think somebody needs to watch Babes in Toyland. She could learn a thing or two from Lisa Piper.