Sunday, May 8, 2011

Star Tower

After Pat's Run, one of the very few things we did that day was drive out to the Star Tower and walk to the top. It's a pretty cool structure that is less than ten minutes from our house. Lexi and Amanda.

Lexi and Amanda with all the kids. Seriously, the kids were in heaven with Lexi and Amanda around. The girls read to them, played jump rope with them, and just hung out with them. We were all sad when they left. :)

Our family.
Despite the fact that we were still all sweaty and gross and none of us had taken off our racing attire, we decided to take some "Teen Model" pictures.
Trackwear is the new look.
We make this look good.
Sareny loves having her picture taken, a thing which Keith cannot comprehend, since he has always avoided it like the plague.
Me and my boy.
Finley really took to Amanda. She talked about her for days after they left and asked when Amanda was coming back to our house.
Lexi showing Finley the ropes about how to be a teen mod. Somehow this ridiculousness all references back to The Brady Bunch episode where Marsha Brady gets hit in the face with a football and cries, "My nose! Now I'll never be a teen model."
All posed.
She's a cutie!
My cuties! I don't know why Fin squinched her face up like that, but it sure is cute!


Fritzsche's said...

Your kids are so cute. I feel like they are already so grown up which would mean that mine are too and that's freaks me out a little.

Jolynn said...

What a bunch of cute teen model sissies. I love Fin in that last picture! What was she doing??? I miss those kiddies!

debra g said...

I love that Brady Bunch episode, especially when the ball hits her in the face over and over and over. Classic!
You guys all look great.

lexi said...

lolsies at our teen mod pics! i think that star tower is so cool and im glad we went to it. i miss those kids.