Monday, May 2, 2011

Finley's First Haircut

Back in January, I took Finley to get her first haircut of her life. Previously, I had trimmed a little bit from the sides when they would get too long, but that was it.
I wanted them to shorten it into a cute little cut, mostly because she continuously pulls hair things out of her hair and rips what little hair she has out with it.
She liked getting her hair cut and did a good job of holding still. (She likes posing even better!)
A different day, I tried teasing it up a little bit, and I thought it looked cute.
But really, if you're just so cute to begin with, any hairdo would look cute on you, right??

Yes, she even rocks the always stylish "bedhead" look.


lexi said...

finley is so cute with her hair cut. i love her smile too.

holli jo said...

Super cute haircut! I can't believe you didn't have to cut it until now.

debra g said...

So super sweet! When Violet looked at these pictures I said "That's Finley." She repeated "Feebwee."

cassidy said...

Cute haircut! Fin is such a tod mod! Holl Jo doesn't realize that some of us don't have kids with as much hair as Rhysie...