Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Day of School

Sareny started second grade on August 22nd, and we documented the day with pictures. This is the first year she has had to wear a uniform, and she is still not happy about it, but we are making do.

In front of her school, which was still under construction when school started.
This year her teacher's name is Ms. Lizarraga. She is learning spanish and seems to be having a great year.
The day after labor day, Isaac started preschool. We are doing a co-op preschool with 5 other moms, and so far it is going great.
Four of the students are already five and the other two will be by December, and they will all be attending kindergarten next year, so it is a perfect group. When preschool is at our house, I try to teach them as much as possible to help them get ready for school next year. Isaac loves going to school with his friends and looks forward to it each week. In fact, when I woke him up on Sareny's first day of school to go get in the van to take her, he ran down the stairs and put on his backpack and went to the pantry to grab himself a snack. It was so cute.


debra g said...

Too cute! I love those little faces.

Jolynn said...

Well You tell Sareny I think she looks cute in her new uni. Cool that she is learning spanish. And Isaac is cute all ready for pre-school. That is so cute that he was all set to go when it was just taking Sareny to school. Love their bright shiny faces!

lexi said...

i would hate wearing a uniform! but cute kiddies on the first day of school.