Monday, October 3, 2011

Camping at Knoll Lake

Based on a friend's reccomendation, we went camping at Knoll Lake just before school started back up. It was a pretty far drive, but really beautiful. I think we got the best campsite at the whole place--it felt really isolated but in a good way.
We spent two nights there and had a great time hanging out as a family. We played some Go Fish, read books out loud, and the kids just got good and dirty exploring. The first night we were there, Sareny had a bit of a fever, and I was super worried since I had forgotten to pack any medicine, and the nearest store would be a four hour round trip drive. Fortunately, she felt much better the next morning when she woke up, so all was well.
I of course took some pics of the kids.

They just all looked so cute!
Then I took some individual pictures of each kid. I was kind of annoyed that Isaac jumped into the background on this one, but Finley looks so cute I am posting it anyway.
My handsome buki.
I'm thinking Isaac looks kind of like my brother in these pictures. Strange, since I always thought he looked exactly like Keith.
Sareny Agnes
When I was taking Sareny's picture, Finley ran up to hug her and be in the picture too. So I took a couple sissy pictures.
Then we hiked down to the lake.
It wasn't long before they discovered the joy of throwing rocks into the water. Fortunately there weren't any nearby fishermen. (fisherpeople?)
Then Isaac found the letter "T." He asked me what was a name that started with T, but had an I in it. I came up with Tim, and he insisted that we call him that for the rest of the day. He still occassionally wants to be called Tim.
Then we walked back to our camp.
Along the way we saw a lot of butterflies.
And Sareny picked some wildflowers.
Later that day the kids got to cook their own hotdog for dinner. They seriously thought that was the best thing ever and talked about it for days afterwards. I would love to put a firepit in the backyard so we could do this at home.
They took the task very seriously, and as you can see from the above picture, kept their hotdogs pretty far from the coals, thereby extending the experience.
Finley had fallen asleep earlier, and we woke her up to eat a hotdog. Waking a kid up is always a risky venture, and she was super grouchy. But she eventually came around and enjoyed her hotdog as well.
We had a fun trip and can't wait to go back.


Jolynn said...

That looks super fun. The kids look so cute, and I'm sure they had a great time. Maybe you could go in July next year and we could go with you?! It has been years and years since we camped. I can't believe Isaac had to be called Tim! That is so cute.

cassidy said...

Cute pics! It looks like a super fun camping trip. Who knew that roasting hot dogs would be so fun? You should do it more often!

lexi said...

i want to go camping! luckily sareny agnes felt better in the morning. that place looks so cool and pretty. i like the picture of tim with the "t" and the lake in the background.

Kandice and Rob said...

Nice! Did you guys meet Mountain Eddie? He has some good stories. That's funny about Tim.