Saturday, October 15, 2011


I bought some silver crackle/shatter nail polish, and as soon as we got home with it, we gave it a try. I thought it turned out so cute! Finley had hers over hot pink and Sareny had hers over black. I had black on my hands and pink on my toes. We thought it was a lot of fun, and would love to try some other colors. Sareny's and my hands.

Fin's cute little hand.


MBusse said...

When I saw the title for the post, I was so afraid this would be about a broken bone. Phew! So glad it was something much more fun :-)

Jolynn said...

Your fingers and toes look totally cool. I'll have to try the silver over pink like Fin.
I LOVE my silver shatter, and I've had lots of compliments on it. Plus it stays on forever! I haven't tried the other colors yet, but I'm sure I will love those too. Thanks again for the gifts!