Monday, October 17, 2011

School Days

Here is a group photo of our preschool kids, except for Finley, who only gets to particpate when it is at our house. Rachel, Halle, Finley, David, Isaac, Andrew, and Matt. We had preschool at our house for the letter 'C,' and one of the things we focused on was colors. I helped the kids make their own "tie-dyed" shirt, and they all turned out so cute! This is a really fun craft idea that is pretty cinchy to make. First, tie your shirt off with rubber bands. Then let the kids color each shirt segment a different color using Sharpie markers in a variety of colors. This is what Rachel's shirt looked like before I took off the rubber bands.
Once each segment has been colored, take a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol and squirt all of the colored sections. Let them dry, then remove the bands. We made this project on Tuesday, and the kids had a lot of fun and were pretty excited to see what their shirts looked like when they came back on Thursday. I like how Finley is copying David giving a thumbs up in this picture.
As a side note, Tuesday was another poor, poor Finley day. I had warned my kids that the spray bottle was not filled with water and not to touch it. I even emphasized--Do not spray this in your face or it will burn your eyes. I later realized that Finley was actually sleeping when I made those dire warnings, because right after preschool and before I had dumped the alcohol out of the spray bottle, I heard screams coming from the kitchen. She had climbed on the counter, gotten the spray bottle down, and sprayed it directly into her eyes. I felt terrible. We rinsed her eyes out and I even called poison control, who told me to have her take a shower. Fortunately, she had already stopped crying by the time I called poison control, and she ended up okay. Whew. I cleaned that spray bottle out immediately.
Sareny's school had a ribbon cutting ceremony, and her grade got to sing a couple of songs at the celebration. The first one was in spanish, and it was really cute. This part they were saying, "Oh no, something something..."
Then they rubbed their tummies when the whale ate a sardine.
She was so excited to be able to go and she did a great job.
Despite our continued daily drama and trauma with the uniform, I think she is liking school and learning a lot.

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holli jo said...

Cute pics of the preschool kids! And don't tell Sareny I say so, but those school uniforms are ugly, so I don't blame her for not liking them! I'm glad she likes school though.