Sunday, October 16, 2011

Poor, Poor Finley

The other night, Finley fell out of bed. I was pretty quick getting to her, since I was already laying in bed unable to sleep (hate that.) I comforted her a little bit and let her sleep the rest of the night in my bed, but I never turned on the light or I would have seen her poor little cheek! Keith noticed it the next morning when he went to give her a kiss goodbye while she was still sleeping. Upon further examination of the evidence, I decided that she fell off the foot of the bed and landed face first on a Bugs Bunny bookend that features a scratchy tree. Her little cheek was so abrased and looked pretty bad for about a week, but it is finally starting to look normal again.
Then, a week ago we had preschool at our house, and Finley got bumped on something and was crying. I again comforted her as best I could. I thought she was showing me she got bumped on her forhead, but later that day evidence showed up that it was, in fact, her eye. These photos were taken a full week after they happened, but you can still see the bruising on her little shiner.
Fortunately, you can also see that her cheek looks much better, and she is still smiling!
This poor girl has looked so beat up lately!


Jolynn said...

Poor litte Finney! Next time she gets "bumped" you better examine her closely at the time. Give Fin hugs ad kisses from Grammy Jo.

cassidy said...

Poor Fin! So many owies, but I like that she's smiling in these pics! So cute. Tru gets injuries like this a lot since he's such a klutz.

debra g said...

Somebody call CPS! :)

When Zane was one he went through a whole Autmumn where he kept hurting his mouth. First he cut open his lip pretty badly. Then he almost knocked his tooth straight out. Finally he got a little plastic disc stuck on the roof of his mouth that the skin started to grow around and it got infected and gross before we even knew it was in there!

Anyways, poor little Finley! She's still as cute as ever, shiner and all!

Myrna Foster said...

She's so cute! Mine always go through a stage where they look beat up, and Gwenyth's been there for about a year now. Her brother just taught her how to climb trees this month.