Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Home School Reward with tia Lexi

Sareny was excited to earn a reward with her home school punches, and cashed in on a trip to Frogo. Lexi and Scott took her after swimming one afternoon.
It was fun to have special time with Lexi and Scott and be the only kid.
She is always asking when we can go to Frogo, but it is pretty pricey to take the whole family there. I came up with using it as one of the rewards, and it has been a hit!


Jolynn said...

I'll bet Sareny LOVED getting to go to Frogo with her tia and Scott. I think your summer school thing is such a good idea. I still can't get over how organized and dedicated Isaac is!

cassidy said...

Looks like Hillures Hoom Skool is going well!! That's a fun reward! I agree, frozen yogurt places get pretty spense when you have a lot of people, so making it a Skool reward was a good idea!

Lexi said...

Fro yo, who doesn't love Fro yo! We had fun taking her! We sampled lots of frozen yogurt and then picked out which we wanted.