Monday, July 15, 2013

Think Pink

National Pink day rolled around again, and we put together a very last minute party to celebrate. After the disastrous Walmart pinata from Sareny's birthday, I have vowed never to purchase a pinata there again. So I put Sareny to work fashioning us a pinata out of a paper bag and some crepe paper. She did a great job!
 I made pink breadsticks, pink fruit dip, and watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries.

I also made some pasta with a marinara cream cheese sauce, which is really more orange colored, but oh well.
Lexi made these delicous pink cupcakes.


  Everybody wore pink, as per the requirements.
 After dinner we went outside for the pinata.
Finley went first.

She was cute and did a good job.
 I love these big smiles!

Then Isaac had a turn.
He got a few good whacks in.
Then we realized Keeley might want to have a go, so Lexi helped her.
 She was pretty excited at first.
 And then she thought the rocks and dirt looked pretty interesting.
 Lastly, Sareny went.

 She did lots of wild swings.

Then we went back through the rotation. I just love the happy, excited expressions on their faces!

After the excitement of the pinata, we went back inside and the adults and Sareny played Ticket to Ride. It was tons of fun!
But the excitement didn't stop there...Right when the party was winding down, this guy ran out of our laundry room! Lexi yelled for Keith to bring the broom, since he once chased down a spider with the broom. After that adrenaline rush, the party was officially over.


cassidy said...

Agh!!! I can't get over that scorpion!! So freaky. Did it make you wonder how many are hiding in your house? We don't have scorpions, but but every time I find a spider I can't help but think about how many are in our house that I just don't know about.

But your pink party looks super fun! I'll have to do one of those. You never said who broke the cute pinata though. Sareny did a good job making it! You'll have to put her to work making your Santa pinata this year!

Jolynn said...

I know! That scorpion creeped me out!!!! I may never be able to go in your laundry room again...... But the pink party looked like a blast. The kids were so cute bashing the pinata.

Lexi said...

I had so much fun at our pink party! It was planned last minute but was totally awesome. And that scorpion was so scary! And I'm glad I saw it so it didn't get you the next day.