Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Went Back...

We went back to the Children's Museum just before Father's day. The kids all made a cute tie craft for their daddy.
This time the rocket was a fiery orange color--kind of awesome.
We stuck some stickers on Keeley for earrings.
This time, they had a table set up with glitter playdough. All the fun of playdough, but I don't have to worry about smooshed playdough on my floors and carpets, or the yucky dried up mess when the kids leave it out and don't clean up after themselves.
The kids couldn't think what to make, so I told them each to make a turtle. Here are there creations. Sareny's above, Finley's below.
Isaac's turtle, with a giant arrow pointing it out.
We stayed at the playdough table for a while.
While the big kids played with playdough, the even bigger kid made this cute headband thing for KeeKee at a different craft table.
Isaac made this cool volcano.
There was a lady making some pretty cool creations for her daughter, and Sareny got some good ideas from her. From top to bottom--a bird, her turtle, a snake, a heart, and an elephant.
Little Rivvy girl quite likes the Children's Museum.
There was another room set up for arts and crafts, and the kids cut out a hug.

The kids always love the fort room. Except when they have to tell people, "You're hogging all the supplies." Which was, of course, out of line and I told them they couldn't say that to people. Plus also, my kids are usually the culprits hogging the supplies.
They're getting pretty good at building fort conglomorations.
KeeKees likes to give kisses in between bars and holes
Checking for mail.
A cute baby girl in a milk crate.
I do like that most of the museum is pretty baby friendly!
Sareny gave Finley a ride.
And she tried giving Keeley a ride, but that didn't work out so well.
And then Lexi gave Finley and Sareny a ride.
Isaac grabbed a lift from this random girl.
And KeeKee explored in the baby room.
We managed to only spend about three hours there this time, and again, the kids could have been there all day.


Jolynn said...

After witnessing the hogging of the supplies in the fort room first hand, I can verify that your kids do like to hog! But they sure did build a cool fort (with Lexi's help!) It's so cool that you take your kids there often. What a great way to spend some time with them.

Lexi said...

I had so much fun making that hat for Keeley! And I totally played it off like I was making it for her, but really I just wanted to make one. I do enjoy the art room.