Monday, July 1, 2013

Hillures Hoom Skool

The very first Monday after school was out, we started up homeschool, or Hillures Hoom Skool, as Isaac wrote on the cover of his math book. Kind of reminded me of that old saying, "Hookt on fonics wrked fur me!"
I ordered the same math books the school uses, and we have been doing math worksheets and reading everyday. The kids get punches on their special cards and can earn prizes of their choosing, so they have an incentive to do extra schoolwork. I have been amazed at how successful this program has been! One Sunday when I had not asked anyone to do any homework at all, Sareny completed seven math assignments. A different weekend, we were sitting around on a Friday night and the kids were all working on homework, just because they wanted to.
I have been teaching Finley to read for several months now, and when I find the time to sit with her one on one (with no Keeley anywhere nearby, or she will run over and start screaming and trying to get on my lap) it has been going very well. We are using the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It has been so rewarding to see her beginning to sound out words and having success, and she is so proud of her accomplishments. She loves doing school work and would be happy to do more, but as I mentioned above, it is difficult with a baby around.
Anyway, the kids are all working hard and doing really well at home school. Hillures Hoom Skool wrkd fur mee!


lexi said...

I can't stop laughing about Hillures Hoom Skool! I am glad the kids are doing so well with this and I think it will really help them this skool year. And Finley is so proud of her reading, its so cute. Especially when she had to read a bad word... hate!

cassidy said...

Me too! (Can't stop laughing about Hillures Hoom Skool) Haha!! How awesome that it's such a hit with the kids. And so cool that Finley's sounding out words!!

Jolynn said...

You're such a good Mom to start Hillures Hoom Skool. I think I always used to have grandiose ideas about doing that when you kids were little, but after awhile it seems like it would fizzle out. Butt yurs seems to bee wrking grat fur yoo!