Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finley's family party

Finley turned five, and that evening we celebrated with a little family party. Lexi and Scott came over, and she opened up her presents. Sareny picked out this cheerleader outfit for her.
 She got a Monster High doll.
 And this baby Rapunzel doll that she had asked for.
 Grandma Nancy sent her a present.
She was excited to get Princess Cadence and Shining Armor ponies.
 Such a cute girl!
Then we had ice cream and brownies.
Such a cute 5 year girl!
Blowing out her candle.
 Such a grown up girl!
The next day, Holli, John, and Rhys, and Grammy Jo and Bampa came and Grammy gave her this gorgeous tiara, which she had asked for.


cassidy said...

Fin got lots of fun prezzies!! She looks so cute in her tiara. What a good birthday!

Jolynn said...

Fin is growing up and liking it. I can't believe she is going to Kindergarten this year! We had fun coming to your house, especially since it was Finley's birthday. I need to check on getting a new comb for that crown though. Finley is adorable in her crown.

Lexi said...

Fin got some awesome prezzies! i love her tiara from grammy.