Thursday, August 8, 2013

Isaac turns 7!

For Isaac's seventh birthday party, he invited a few friends and we went to the Children't Museum. Lexi came along with me to manage the boys, and Keith stayed home with the girls.
 Here is the group of boys lined up and ready for some fun: Secret, Isaac, Hone, Jackson, and Ty.
The boys had fun in the climber and playing with the whoosh machine that blows colorful hankies all over.
Isaac and Secret are such good friends!
 Ty stuffing a bunch in at once.
 They also played around with this machine that balances a golf ball in midair.
 It was pretty cool!
Then the boys wanted to go upstairs to the noodle forest. Here we are on our way, and I thought this was just too cute to pass up snapping a picture.
The boys had fun paying hide and seek in the noodles, and Lexi tried on some giant shoes. I think they were size 17.
We had some of the boys try on the shoes. They look like a perfect fit.
They built at the light table with these magnetic blocks.

 Then we went to the fort room. They had a great time in here.
Here they are in front of their masterpiece. Isaac is trying to look tough, but somehow, he just doesn't quite pull it off...
They rode the trikes through the trike wash.

 Ty is doing his classic pose.
Somewhere in here, we ate a lunch that I had packed, then it was back to more fun. They painted the rocket, which quite fittingly, was blue. 
Some boys might have gotten a little carried away with the paint.
We didn't spend a whole lot of time in the arts and crafts room before we headed back upstairs.
Jackson and Hone got sucked into the backroom of the grocery store...They took their job of keeping those shelves stocked very seriously. I think you can sense the urgency behind Hone's actions.
They were moving quick.
Then Jackson hurried out to restock the shelves. Gotta keep those shelves full!
The boys played with some race cars for a while, and sat in these silly cars.
 They cranked some stuffed animals up to the fan that shoots them off.
 All in all, I think it was a super fun day for all of them!
Then it was home for a pinata and cake and ice cream. Pay no attention to this cake--it was a complete disaster! I stayed up waaayy to late trying to fix it (because believe me, it was seriously a dis-as-ter; it was totally falling apart.) Keith told me to give up and buy a cake at Safeway, but I persevered and while it is far from perfect, I think it was okay. Isaac was happy with it, anyway.
Before we ate the cake, we went outside to bash the pinata that Sareny had made for us while we were at the museum. Thank goodness for that girl!
The kids had fun swinging away.
The kids look a little wet because I spritzed the hose over them while they were waiting in line.
The cute birthday boy!

 Then we headed back inside for the cake.
Love my boy's eyes!
Getting ready to blow out the candles...he had to think of the perfect wish.
Then it was time to open presents. He got some super cool gifts that he loves.
After that, I took the boys home and Isaac actually got to stay and play for a while at Secret's, thereby extending his birthday fun. Plus our whole family headed over to Secret's later that evening to play games, so it was extra extra fun.
Overall, I think it was a perfect, fun party and I think my buki had a great day.


Jolynn said...

That looks like a super fun party! Isaac is so cute with his big blue eyes. Those boys looked like they were having a blast. And I think the cake turned out super cute! I couldn't see what you were talking about.....disaster, schmaster. And Sareny is getting pretty good at whipping up a pinata!

cassidy said...

Aww what a fun idea! All the boys looked like they were having tons of fun! What a special birthday for Isaac. And I agree with Mom about the cake - it looks awesome! Whatever the near disaster was, your hard work totally fixed it.

And what a cute pinata that Sareny made! That was nice of her to help our for Isaac's bday!

holli jo said...

Looks like Isaac had a great birthday! And I also don't see what's wrong with the cake. Looks awesome to me.

Lexi said...

I had fun at Isaac's party at the museum! The boys seemed to love it. I thought it was funny how Jackson and Hone got so into the grocery store! Also, remember when that naughty boy kept saying I see your butt to Ty on the trikes?