Saturday, August 10, 2013

Isaac's Family Party

Lexi and Scott came over the day after his birthday for a family party. Lexi introduced the kids to heavy, heavy hang over.
 Isaac got an Angry Birds game from the Knight's.
 Sareny liked doing heavy, heavy hang over.
 Isaac got some sea monkeys.
 Showing them to Fin.
This present was from Sareny and Finley.
 And it was a multi-pack of Skylanders for when Isaac saved enough money to buy Skylander Giants.
 A giant present from Mommy and Daddy--some trio blocks.
 The last present was from Grandma Nancy.
And it was the one he was the most thrilled about--Skylander Giants for the wii. (Okay, we may have known this was coming when Sareny picked out his present, or when friends from his party called and asked what he liked.)
 After playing them for a while, he carefully arranged his characters and took a picture of them.
He had a great birthday this year!


cassidy said...

How fun! Isaac got some fun prezzies! Was he surprised when he got the wii game?

Also, good idea Doozie, about heavy, heavy hang over. I had totally forgotten about that!

Jolynn said...

Does Isaac still love skylanders as much as ever? Whoever dreamed up that one is raking in the loot, just from Isaac alone! I always liked the heavy, heavy hang over thingy, but it doesn't make a bit of sense. It's fun though. But not if you bash the head too hard!

Lexi said...

Isaac is so cute take a picture of his Skylander Giants! He sure does love them and that game!