Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fin's birthday lunch

On Finley's birthday, we had Ty and Syd over and then met Daddy for lunch at Chick Fil A. It was a fun little birthday outing!
 Keeley likes wadding food in.
 Mommy and Sareny.
 A birthday girl! Since it was her special day, they gave her a free ice cream sunday.
Keeley sure was loving the ice cream! When you gave her a bite, she would say "Mmmm!" Really loudly.
 It was so adorable! Every bite, "Mmmmm!" Nearby diners were laughing at how cute she was.
We had a fun outing!


cassidy said...

What a fun birthday outing! Fin looks cute. And KeeKee sounds so cute eating her ice cream and loving it so much!!

Jolynn said...

I've seen Kee Kee do that mmmmmmm! thing, and it is really cute. I'm sure Fin loved her birthday lunch. That was a fun idea.

Lexi said...

That is a fun birthday lunch with friends. Awesome that Fin got a free ice cream sunday. Keeley is so cute when she sits and says mmmmm with every bite.