Thursday, August 15, 2013

We went to the Children's Museum

While everybody was still in town, we headed over to the Children's Museum for a fun day. Bampa went in the climber with the kids. 
Some cuties hanging out in the boat.
 Me and KeeKees.
 Sareny is a good sister! She helped Keeley crawl around and climb down.

 Grammy and Isaac hanging out.
The kids built a fort.
 This kid helped them build it.
 Keeley sat in this bucket.
 Finley hiding in the fort.
The kids painted each other's heads in the arts and crafts room. Semi-on purpose, I believe. Daddy got Isaac's head all wet and then sent him on his way, and I tried to fix his hair a little.
I didn't have a comb, but I thought it looked okay.
Close up of Sareny's hair.
Here we are showing off the lovely crafts we made.
Keeley really likes the water table.
Keeley sat in a car.
It was a really fun day! We packed sandwiches, chips, and drinks and ate them in the lunchroom.


Jolynn said...

That was a fun day. I love the Children's Museum! And Kee Kee is so darn cute in every picture. She loves the camera!

Lexi said...

I'm glad you documented my awesome fort I built! That was a fun museum visit.

holli jo said...

That was a really cool museum. We had a great time.