Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stake Acheivement Day

We had originally planned on staying overnight at Grammy Jo's house on our way home from Utah, even though they wouldn't be there. Halfway through our trip, however, Sareny mentioned how excited she was for the stake acheivement day activity and asked when it was...that's when we realized it was in the morning of the day we planned to get home from our trip--which meant we would miss it. So instead of sleeping at Grammy's, we drove all night and got home in time for the special mother and daughter achievement day.
It was such a fun time! We made hair accessories, learned a new type of braid, and tied quilts together. So glad we got to have this special time together.

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cassidy said...

How nice of you to drive all night so Sareny could go to the Achievement Day activity! She looks like she had fun. But I'm curious about this new type of it cool?