Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visiting with grandma and grandpa

After hanging out in their garden for a while, I decided we should drive down to my uncle Von's house and see if they were over there. We found them, and they came back to their house with us. Isaac sat on Grandma's lap.
Grandpa held Keeley for a minute, although she wasn't too happy about it.
I took a picture of the kids with both their grandparents.
 Then I took one with just grandpa...
and just grandma.
 We took a family photo by the rock.
And I wanted a picture of me with my grandparents.
Then we sat on their porch for a while and visited. It sprinkled a little and the kids ran around in the rain while we watched and talked.
 It was a lovely afternoon.
 I love how joyeous children are
Keeley doesn't much appreciate raindrops pelting her bald little head, but Sareny took her in the rain for a bit.
I love visiting my grandparents!

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Jolynn said...

Really cute pictures. You will be glad to have pictures of your kids with their great-grandparents someday when they are gone.