Sunday, October 6, 2013

The 24th of July

We celebrated the 24th of July at Noel and Jewell's house. First, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Lehi! Actually, I think it is the only restaurant we've eaten at in Lehi, but that is because we liked it so much last year, we went back this time around. It's called Thai House and it has some pretty yummy Thai food, which I really like. Then we bought some sparklers, and the kids were ready for some fun.
 Daddy and Uncle Noel tried to light them. They tried for quite some time, but ultimately only two sparklers lit. Isaac and Finley were the lucky two.
 We gave up on the sparklers and moved on to these turtle guys.
They didn't do a whole lot; they moved a little bit and that was about it. Still fun though.
Then Noel and Jewell broke out some glo sticks, which we used in place of sparklers. It took some fiddling with the camera, but we got a couple of cool pictues of them.
Here are the kids lined up and shaking their glo sticks around. Kind of cool, right? Well, not quite what we had hoped for, but no matter. It was fun anyway. We went inside for ice cream and more games, of course!

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cassidy said...

Fun! Too bad about the sparklers, but I love the glo sticks pic at the end!

Next time you're in Lehi you should eat at a place we went to once...I think it's called Porter's Place or something like that. It was named after Porter Rockwell who lived in Lehi, I think. Anyways, it was yummy country food and the scones were SO good.