Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BYU Cougars Rule!

After our visit with grandparents, we continued onward in our journey and stayed with Noel and Jewell for a few days. We had so much fun hanging out, relaxing, and playing games, and the kids loved being with their cousins. One day, we all headed over to BYU to check out the campus. We stopped by the admin building to see Jewell's siser, who works there. She is in the above picture, because Tyler would only be in the picture if she was in it too. I think you can tell she didn't really want to be though!
We went to the Creamery on 9th for lunch and ice cream. It was fun, but extremely slow.
We also went to the bookstore and the EYC. Then we showed the kids the underground library, which they are lieing on top of. You can see the 'Y' in th background.
Here they are with the admin building behind them. I would love it and (and they would too) if all of these kids were able to go here to school someday...admission is tough though, so we'll see what happens!
 Sareny and Katlyn--cute cousins in front of the library.
On our way out, they posed by some of the sculptures. Not sure which picture I like best, but I put both because I like Isaac's tough guy pose in the bottom one.

These three cousins wanted me to take their picture by this sculpture. Love them!
 Then they all ran over to be in a picture.
Finley with Ian. He was so much bigger and had grown up a ton since we saw them last summer! We had a fun time touring the campus with our family.

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Jolynn said...

Was it so fun to take your kids to see your old stomping grounds? I'll bet it brought back the memories. I am jealous about the Creamery! It is so yummy, and I don't think we've been there since everyone graduated.