Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Tracy Bird Aviary

We visited the Tracy Bird Aviary in Salt Lake one day. Generally, birds are my least favorite animals to look at, but there were some pretty cool birds here. We also watched a pretty fun bird show--that was my favorite part.
I think when the kids turned this wheel, it made some spinners move at the top.
 Happy Keeley and her daddy.
The kids took turns peeking out of these fish heads. Above is Finley and Sareny.
Katlyn and Tyler.
Sareny and Tyler.
Isaac and Keeley.
Katlyn and Finley. 
The kids played in the sand for a while.
My cute Keekee.
The girls were birds.
We listened to a presentation by a river, and the kids got to look for things in the river. Sareny found a shell.
 I think they liked poking around in the water.
Then I looked over at Keeley and daddy and saw this happening!
Up, then down--with her arms spread out wide.
And back up with a smile.
This one is blurry--but I love the happy smile and the crazy hair.
The kids spun around on this thing, and then we headed home. 

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cassidy said...

I love all the pics of cute little KeeKee!! She looks like she was having so much fun with her Dad!