Saturday, November 23, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th grades

 School started over three months ago, but here are the Fallstrom children on their first day.
 Isaac was excited to start 1st grade and get to go all day.
 Finley was all ready for half day kindergarten.
 And Sareny was ready for the 4th grade.

Here they are, ready to go. Keith went to work late their first morning so that we could take them to school together. It was nice to have him around to help get lunches made and shoes tied.
The kids showing off their backpacks. Isaac used the same one from last year, and the girls got new ones this year.

 I love this picture! Everyone looks so cute.
First off, we took Finley to her class. Her teacher is Ms. Ruff, and she is really nice.
There are only 4 girls in Finley's class, and they were all seated together.
Finley got settled in coloring her apple, and didn't mind a bit when we left. (If only that attitude had lasted--she has had some days where she is really sad and cries.)
Isaac was glad to see a lot of friends from kindergarten, and to be seated by his friend Josh. He has Ms. Danuser as a teacher.
 He got settled in working as well.
Sareny's teacher is Ms. Bays. She was glad to be sitting by Peyton, a nice girl she had met on meet the teacher night.
 We left her ready to get to work as well.
And just like that, the school year was off. Keeley and I went home and wondered where everybody was. I always miss the kids so much when they aren't here. And poor KeeKee--she really did have a hard time adjusting. As Sareny said the week leading up to school, "I feel sorry for Keeley. She just has no idea that we are leaving her next week!" Too true.

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Jolynn said...

They all looks so cute! The back pack picture was a great idea. Sareny is toatlly growing up and liking it. She looks like a biggie girl. And I loved Keeley's photo bomb in the picture in front of the garage!