Sunday, November 24, 2013

Park Day

The first weekend after school started, we took the kids to the park. Ostensibly, we were there to practice soccer for the coming season, but inevitably, the kids did more playing around than anything else.
 Keeley was so cute in the swing.
  I just love her little face!

 Keith worked with Finley a little bit.
She actually did pretty good.
 As good as one can do barefoot, that is.
 And then this little girl came over to steal the show.
 Keeley is surprisingly good at soccer--she dribbles the ball quite well.
It does make us wonder how she will do in a few years. 
Sareny and Isaac did practice a little. I think Sareny enjoyed riding her bike to the park and playing around with our neighbor, who had ridden over with her.
I do love my handsome Isaac.

Evidence that Sareny did practice some...but since she wore flipflops despite knowing we were planning to practice soccer, she had to play barefoot as well.
 Love this cute picture of Isaac and Finley.
And then there is this cute little face! Don't you just want to kiss and squeeze that girl? I kind of think maybe I need to go rouse her from her bed at this very moment just so I can do that very thing...
 She had fun playing on the slides.
 I love the little tongue poking out.
 Sareny played on the slides with her.

And then our day at the park really turned into a full on photo shoot. Finley would do some sort of pose, and then call out for me to take her picture.
 A balancing act.
 So cute!
 Really, she is quite photogenic.
 At the top of the slide.
 At the bottom of the slide. Photos must be taken at both locations.
We had a fun day hanging out at the park.

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Jolynn said...

The kiddos are all so cute. Fin is quite the little teen model sissy! But I must say, little Keeley steals the show. She does love the camera! And yes, I do want to kiss her and squeeze her livers!