Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Visiting Grammy

We planned a trip to Grammy and Bampa's house in September when we found out that Cassidy and James were visiting for two weeks on their way back to Hawaii. We don't make it out to Hawaii very frequently to visit them there, (haha) and we thought Grammy's house was just a little bit easier to get to. We visited Grammy and Bampa at school on Friday, and had lunch in Bampa's classroom. 
The kids had fun checking everything out, like the driving simulator.
After lunch, we visited the school's memorial garden remembering students who have died while in high school. Cassidy's best friend Nicole May was one of those students, and we posed Ivy Nicole by her stone.
Cassidy and Ivy together by the stone.
The next morning, the kids all wanted to have a ranger ride. In the first group was James, Ivy, Truman, Bamps, and Keeley.
Second group was Sareny, Finley, Isaac, and Bampa. I sat Keeley on Sareny's lap, because I felt a picture was needed.
 And I loved both pictures, so here they are again.
 Then they put on their very stylish Clicks sunglasses, and they were off.
Keeley was okay being left behind.

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