Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fun in the Water

 Later that same day, we decided to let the kids run around in the sprinklers. They had a blast.
I think you'll be able to tell from this sequence of pictures that holding the hose was definitely everyone's favorite part.
 The kids all lined up to go down the slide...
 With Sareny waiting at the bottom to spray them all.
Such fun!
They rotated back and forth from the big slide and the little slide.
And they traded who got to be the sprayer.

 Keeley isn't really very fond of getting sprayed in the face.
 But she managed to have a little bit of fun.

And then things got really crazy.
Actually, Grammy and Bampa decided that the swingset needed to come down, since it was rusting at the base and not very sturdy. It didn't take much for Bampa to push it over. The kids pretended like they were in the middle of playing when it went down.

 And KeeKee really wondered why she couldn't get in the swing anymore.
It was a fun weekend visiting with family!

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Jolynn said...

I'd forgotten about that fun afternoon. The kids were so cute spraying each and cooling off with the hose. I do miss the swing set though :(