Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fun in the Water

 Later that same day, we decided to let the kids run around in the sprinklers. They had a blast.
I think you'll be able to tell from this sequence of pictures that holding the hose was definitely everyone's favorite part.
 The kids all lined up to go down the slide...
 With Sareny waiting at the bottom to spray them all.
Such fun!
They rotated back and forth from the big slide and the little slide.
And they traded who got to be the sprayer.

 Keeley isn't really very fond of getting sprayed in the face.
 But she managed to have a little bit of fun.

And then things got really crazy.
Actually, Grammy and Bampa decided that the swingset needed to come down, since it was rusting at the base and not very sturdy. It didn't take much for Bampa to push it over. The kids pretended like they were in the middle of playing when it went down.

 And KeeKee really wondered why she couldn't get in the swing anymore.
It was a fun weekend visiting with family!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Visiting Grammy

We planned a trip to Grammy and Bampa's house in September when we found out that Cassidy and James were visiting for two weeks on their way back to Hawaii. We don't make it out to Hawaii very frequently to visit them there, (haha) and we thought Grammy's house was just a little bit easier to get to. We visited Grammy and Bampa at school on Friday, and had lunch in Bampa's classroom. 
The kids had fun checking everything out, like the driving simulator.
After lunch, we visited the school's memorial garden remembering students who have died while in high school. Cassidy's best friend Nicole May was one of those students, and we posed Ivy Nicole by her stone.
Cassidy and Ivy together by the stone.
The next morning, the kids all wanted to have a ranger ride. In the first group was James, Ivy, Truman, Bamps, and Keeley.
Second group was Sareny, Finley, Isaac, and Bampa. I sat Keeley on Sareny's lap, because I felt a picture was needed.
 And I loved both pictures, so here they are again.
 Then they put on their very stylish Clicks sunglasses, and they were off.
Keeley was okay being left behind.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Four Eyes are Better Than Two

Sareny finally had her dream come true and got glasses in August. I don't think I have ever seen someone so excited in my life.
The day her glasses came in, I picked the kids up from school instead of having them ride the bus so that we would have time to go to the store and get the glasses fitted. I knew she would want them immediatly so that she could wear them to school the following day. I didn't tell her that her glasses had come in early until we got to the store. She was seriously thrilled.
And the title of this post is in homage to Lexi, who came up with that clever comeback in gradeschool when some jick-jackle called her four eyes. :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Park Day

The first weekend after school started, we took the kids to the park. Ostensibly, we were there to practice soccer for the coming season, but inevitably, the kids did more playing around than anything else.
 Keeley was so cute in the swing.
  I just love her little face!

 Keith worked with Finley a little bit.
She actually did pretty good.
 As good as one can do barefoot, that is.
 And then this little girl came over to steal the show.
 Keeley is surprisingly good at soccer--she dribbles the ball quite well.
It does make us wonder how she will do in a few years. 
Sareny and Isaac did practice a little. I think Sareny enjoyed riding her bike to the park and playing around with our neighbor, who had ridden over with her.
I do love my handsome Isaac.

Evidence that Sareny did practice some...but since she wore flipflops despite knowing we were planning to practice soccer, she had to play barefoot as well.
 Love this cute picture of Isaac and Finley.
And then there is this cute little face! Don't you just want to kiss and squeeze that girl? I kind of think maybe I need to go rouse her from her bed at this very moment just so I can do that very thing...
 She had fun playing on the slides.
 I love the little tongue poking out.
 Sareny played on the slides with her.

And then our day at the park really turned into a full on photo shoot. Finley would do some sort of pose, and then call out for me to take her picture.
 A balancing act.
 So cute!
 Really, she is quite photogenic.
 At the top of the slide.
 At the bottom of the slide. Photos must be taken at both locations.
We had a fun day hanging out at the park.