Thursday, January 30, 2014

Disneyland day 2

We stayed at the best hotel ever on this trip--right across the street from the entrance to Disneyland, and a free super yummy, hot breakfast. Each day we loaded up on breakfast, which was so filling we only ever ate one meal a day in the park. It really saved us time and money. Our second day there was our magic morning, so we of course started the day out in Fantasyland.
We rode all of our favorites, and even our not quite favorites, like Pinocchio and Snow White. The little girls opted out of those two, however, and grandma and Pete took them on the Carousel. Finley was thrilled to ride Jingles again.
I took their picture as they went around.

Winter and Pete were right behind them.
Keeley and I sat in Mr. Toad's car.
And we all had fun riding Mr. Toad as well.

I guess I must have handed off the camera to Keith and told him to take a picture of each car. Because usually I am one doing that. We road Alice in Wonderland.

And the girls knocked on the White Rabbit's door.
And apparently we rode Pinocchio again.
Finley and I were in front of Grandma and Keeley.
Then we headed to Toontown and rode Roger Rabbit.
We played around a little. Keith had Keeley pick up these heavy weights.
She glommed onto them and wouldn't let go. She got quite angry when Sareny and Finley tried to help her, so they had to just sit on the weights instead.
The kids busted out of the Toontown jail.
And we met Pluto. Sareny went right up and gave him a big hug.
Then the other kids joined in.
Then she helped Keeley meet Pluto. It was the silliest thing I've ever seen! KeeKee was squealing and screaming in delight and saying "Doggie!" That look on her face is excited and possibly a little bit scared. Because hey, who wouldn't be scared of a dog three times your size, no matter how friendly he was?!
Really, I just loved watching them.
But eventually we had to tear her away from the doggie.
The kids sat in this car.
And then we rode Gadget's Go Coaster. This ride is extremely short, and if you are older than 12, extremely lame! But it seems to have just the right amount of excitement for kids, because they always love it.
I took a couple of action shots.
Then we went to Minnie's house.
Although Isaac wasn't too happy, because Pete took Revan and Secret off to ride Buzz Lightyear, and I made Isaac stay with us. He was a pretty good sport though.
They all liked the kitchen best.
Outside, there was a short line to meet Minnie, so I took the kids' picture in Minnie's garden.
And then we met Minnie Mouse! Very exciting. I also have to point out here that this was our blue day--other than Keeley, who wore pink every day, we all wore blue.
We let the kids run around a little bit at Goofy's House.
Then we met back up with the boys and rode the train in a loop around the park. Half of our group.
The other half of our group.
And me and Keith.
I got off the train at the Toontown station with the Daniels, while Keith and the kids rode up to Main Street station. I stacked one of our strollers on top of the other, and pushed them both down and met them there. I beat them there, and while I was waiting I went into City Hall to get a copy of smashed penny locations. We had so much fun finding the machines and choosing which pennies to smash. Before we went, I had collected a bunch of pennies and quarters so we would be prepared.
Anyway, at this point, the we went to California Adventures, and the Daniel's stayed in Disneyland. We rode some of our favorite attractions.
Tower of Terror and Soarin' Over California. This was Finley's first time on Soarin' (she didn't ride Tower) and she quite liked it.
We can't walk past a Carousel without this girl wanting to ride it!
I love her pretty smile!

Then we took turns riding new Car's ride. We had to wait in a very long line, but it was a really fun ride. Also, is it just me, or do you keep looking at this picture to check if that is someone wearing an ape mask sitting next to me?? Especially when the picture is small like on my phone, it just throws me.
Finley's new favorite ride was Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.
While Sareny and Isaac re-rode Cars with Keith, Grandma, Keeley, Finley, and I rode Mater over and over. There wasn't much of a line, so we got a few rides in while we waited. Keeley liked it too and giggled while we rode.
Then the other kids joined us and we all rode it again.
They all posed outside the ride by this tractor. It was a pretty fun little ride.
And that was the end of our second, fun-filled day.

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Jolynn said...

You got some super cute pictures of your Dis trip! I love Finley's cute little smile too. I am so partial to dimples. And Kee Kee with the "Doggie" was adorable. Sounds like such a fun trip.