Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spooky-ooky Dinner

For our annual spooky dinner, we brought back some old favorites and tried out some new things as well. This year, I made ghostly strawberries, which were a big hit.
We also had witches fingers, and eyeballs on forks. For the eyeballs, I dipped donut holes in white chocolate, then used red, blue, and black chocolate to add creepy details. I'm sure these would work equally well with oreo truffles or cake pops, but really, donut holes were just way easier. I bought a finger shaped cookie pan and used the Wilton sugar cookie recipe, and colored part of the dough green for the witch's fingers. If you didn't have a special finger pan, you could pretty easily shape the dough into fingers. I think the green tapered fingernail adds quite a bit to the overall look.
Really, I just thought those turned out so cute this year!
We had deviled eyeballs as well.
 We invited our friends the Daniel's over for the occasion, and it was so fun!
This year, I tried my hand at making a monster claw. It turned out unbelievably creepy looking! I told the kids that daddy had been out hunting the night before, so monster claw was on the menu. To make this monstrosity, I found a meatloaf recipe online (this was my first time making meatloaf!) and shaped it like a claw. I used a slice of onion as fingernails. Then I spread a layer of ketchup on the hand and baked it according to the recipe. Near the end of the cooking time, I added a layer of sliced cheese and cooked it for a bit more. It gave it the perfect look. Then I transferred the claw to a serving tray and surrounded it with mashed potatoes. Best. Main. Dish. Ever. I even ate some of it. Aubrey also brought some yummy pepperoni pizza bat wings and some cake pop eyeballs, so there was plenty of festive food..
And here is a shot of the whole group. So cute!


Sam said...

Super cool treats!

Jolynn said...

That looks so fun! You always make the best spooky dinners. It always makes me want to do that, but I have never followed through. Too lazy maybe. But next year mabe I'll surprise myself. Good job!

Jolynn said...
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